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Leopardgecko.co.uk is designed to be a site of interest to existing Leopard Gecko ( Eublepharis Macularius ) owners, leopard gecko breeders as well as being a useful guide to those new to the hobby of herpetology or reptile care. This site has interesting articles as well as guides like the list of morphs and care sheet that will be useful to all current and future Leopard Gecko owners. The ever-growing Leopard Gecko caresheet has numerous pages, which include articles on housing, feeding or diet, breeding, health, hygiene, cleaning and genetics. Other interesting pages include the Leopard Gecko morph guide which can be used as a reference over and over again.

Our section headed 'Available' over on the index toolbar shows the up to date list and details including pics of our hatchling Leopard Geckos for sale that we currently have available. The sales section changes periodically when new leos are added or when we re-weigh or photograph the currently available selection. Recently we have added three new sections accessable from the 'Available' page, 'Hatchling guide' shows some of our current hatchlings, 'Parent Guide' shows some of our previous hatchlings with their parents so you can see how various morphs of parents produce different offspring and lastly 'Waiting List' can be used by you to express an interest in a Leopard Gecko morph which has not hatched yet. Many different morphs will be available over the coming months including, Blazing Blizzards, Blizzards, Patternless, Albinos, Hypo Tangerines, Hypos, Patternless Albinos, Mack Snows and Jungle Albino Giants (JAGs for short).

The section entitled "Our Geckos" shows our Leopard Gecko gallery which contains pictures of our Blizzards, Patternless, Albino, Hypo Tangerines, Hypos Leopard Geckos that we own and use in our Leopard Gecko breeding projects.

We will also occasionally add interesting ideas to the "DIY" projects section as and when we find a need for a certain solution, which we believe, can easily be solved by us the hobbyist with a minimum of injuries.

The new section headed "Photos" is where we are placing photographs of various reptiles, mostly pics of Leopard Geckos, cropped down to 1024x768 pixels so that you can use them as background images on your computers. We will occasional add new images as we take them.

Enjoy your visit to our site and as always we would be glad to hear your comments on the site, how it is progressing and any other information you would like to see on it. "Contact Us" through the email address shown on the contact us menu.

Steve Kirby

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